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Independent Venues Vs. COVID-19 - What Does The New Normal Hold?

As entertainment businesses go, the live music sector has taken among the heaviest beatings by the coronavirus pandemic, with some experts positing that it will be at least 18 months before concerts and other stage performances return to something resembling normalcy. But for artists, agents, promoters, vendors and customers, the pain is immediate and complicated. As the industry struggles to find its footing in this new age of uncertainty, many questions remain unanswered.To answer these questions and more, Fast FWD has enlisted an incredible panel of venue owners, talent buyers, and technology executives including Larry Gold, CEO and Founder at SOBs; Jackson Lewis, Director of Programing at PIANOS NYC; and Ari Evans, Founder, and CEO of Maestro.

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- Larry Gold, CEO and Founder of SOBs -
- Jackson Lewis, Director of Programing, Pianos NYC -
- Ari Evans, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Maestro -